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Interview Naipes

Interview Cards

Is that you're too messed organizing Black Hawk Down, and the new project Odysa Pro

So I have to thank you for accepting this interview at this time.

But before you ask about the future, I would talk a little bit of the past if you think fit.

I feel great.

How discovered airsoft, and makes these few years immersed in this world?

He was 21 years and now in October I will 30.

One day a good friend role club, Oriol, told me:

"" They were, I met a guy by internet gambling on what we, with power mirror and I've been with him in Esplugues today so we teach them.
"Jesus Oriol," today? I'm super bundled ... wait ... Electricity? Vale me workaround. "

We are left with the type in question in a bar in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento Esplugues and take something. After a while, seeing that we were not the most suitable place to get a reply, we decided to go elsewhere. There we leave too, but there is a little wooded area where we felt sure. There were about five or ten minutes by testing and taking into account all the explanations we gave the older man. Here the friend enters the scene Folk, Red Sniper Panos, then his Greek friend. After some shooting and other evidence, we were given information leaflets about inviting us to belong to a group of serious Airsoft. In the triptych Almogàvers read ...! It sounded good but did not call us too much commitment.

Total, told to call later and left. We had something for tea. Oriol brought whip, now I remember why. We started to have tea and failed to attend the sirens sounded around us. In less than a minute we were surrounded by police. Apparently we were not as hidden as we thought and various drivers, who saw us from the road, had alerted the authorities. Fortunately, came first, the local police, who knew us by the events role, not the National Police. It would have been any more complicated I guess.

There, we learned our first lesson: Our game is easily likely to have misunderstandings with people outside the hobby.

Being careful on we were all a little better.

How did the idea of Odysa Productions?

Undoubtedly part of the credit for creating the PRODUCTIONS we owe it to Rudy. He convinced me to do games dream was possible. There are many special people out there but Rudy is, as I think, the more energizing person I know. The potential is endless and be near his spread. This was a big part of my life, and perhaps the most learned in producing. Successful PRODUCTIONS is due, inter alia, that came together five people competent in the same space and time. Rudy, Sas, Raccoon, Pedicure. There was another, Jep, lived in Figueres and provided us with logistics and field.

One of our biggest successes was creating a "production" versus the traditional "starting" or "concentration".

How many years have you dedicándote to produce events for players of airsoft?

We can talk about five years if we consider those items with a script we did on Wednesday afternoon, having left work, in the Palm of Cerberus.

Four since we rented the first club to play, or summon the Fireflight Night with 100 people in Maçanet of Cabrenys. Great game!

In what are you most proud production, tell us about it?

I can not opt for any of them. They cost so much and all have contributed something new at the time. This was my goal.

I live in the obsession to constantly innovate. I am of those that when a thing I leave stagnates. I hope to keep innovating long time ...

"Anecdotes? In Firefox: Asja presented the play with a dog trained hedges that marked them "busy". It was very fun to watch.

Another? OMEGA FORCE, just get The Rock, I was thrown into the river. " "- What do you want? Canaries and that we do not have it every day. "

Proud? I'm proud of achievements in the past and my current team in ODYSA PRO: Mario, Eva, Joan, Alex, Cartes, Ivan, Alberto. Are authentic, they surrender, they are motivated and they know have their heads on their shoulders in any situation.

Are you part of a team with which you usually play?

ODYSA Forces is my team, we are currently missing for some productions, and projects that arise through these. Currently I enjoy playing with Red Plastic Dragons and Warriors.

What was your first replicates and can you tell her?

My first and only reply is my Tokyo Marui AK Beta Spetsnaz to 338 fps. I consider it my first and only reply.

Our game is characterized by fast and intuitive, and a replica is ideal. It is hard, very hard, great battery, great shipper, Hop Up accessible ...

I bought other Chinese AEG, all of the AK series, but out of curiosity. All are guilty of something.

What has been the best experience or moment as a player of airsoft that as you had?

Certainly after the game.

When seated at the table bring us food, drink and creating that atmosphere of camaraderie, where they told us all, and leave the war stories, and great deeds we perform.

Another was when Oriol, Khorne, took a pot of lentils and put the fire in a concentration of Rioja we reached below zero. Believe me this is a great experience.

Have you gone to a game, event before the end, if the answer is if you could tell us why?

We left the game in La Rioja, just before deciding to make the Command & Conquer.

We left because we thought that would fool us. They had not prepared scripts, the organization was headed to us, shouting "Let's see who comes here to kiski ..." we were told, "" Not worth Lebanese, but if anyone would bust my face, and we complain, we will not for the departure, we all know we come from. "Also we were 140 person we brought meat because we heard there would grills, and only had 2. We just cooked on the tiles we took of an abandoned house.

Also presented the authorities because soldiers threw smoke canisters on the playing field and the organizers were drowning in a house ... it could not end well. We decided to leave on Sunday morning.

Why did you get the nick of cards, the cards you are a fan?

I'm a magician. I juggle with letters. I'ma big fan of Juan Tamariz.

Maybe I look to move the theater to do what magicians to my productions, to create a better illusion during the game.

Pro Odysa Besides, could you recommend a meeting planner, or a particular event?

Storm of the Monegros in its later editions. There was certainly a lot of work behind that. Emperor has always seemed a very serious.

What I would like to claim here is that players must be the first to demand guarantees the organizers before the event. It should not happen again which sadly suffered in Figueres, in the Castell de Sant Ferran, where no previous experience some organizers called a game for 200 people, in an incredible scene, but that was handled poorly. The organization fully defected to 4 hours, leaving the Chief Organizer to 200 without starting airsofters perplexed and having come from all over Spain.

Well let's talk about Black Hawk Down. Could you give us some scoop?

In PRO ODYSA we like to talk between riddles and half measures. We apply a technique curious: We many details, but never in public, or the same people. Each group leader will give one. If they got together and talked over each other, all end up knowing far more than they expected.

BLACK HAWK DOWN game is more interactive than ever we have done. The action of some facilitate or complicate the work of their peers, never make it impossible for that.

The premise ... the special effects are absent so far in the games. PRO ODYSA change that.

And until I read here ...

If rain suspended the game?

Our work can be very cruel.

The work of four months is burned in just 48 hours.

When you host and you're there, enter the first participants and something that pushes you to work rain, snow or hail.

The Fireflight rained during the game, the Firefox rained during registration, in the C & C did a small hint of rain. All were carried out successfully.

Can you give some advice to play it raining?

You must have dry shoes and then, if not, you sore feet.

The water hits the ground does not let you hear around you, take this into account.

Make it a worthwhile game.

Is the writing team has thought about the snipers?

RED NOVEMBER Already, the latter that we produced, we had specific missions to Snipers. Moreover, their role was combined with the main script, and could change the course of the script argument. The elimination of one who knew the formulation of a serum resulted in the loss of much-needed remedy a team. The elimination of a Sergeant, who were identified, cut off a platoon. Our mission snipers are not static, we have seen much of this already. I believe that a sniper must know how to move, choose, anytime.

Now we are entering the philosophy of our game. When do big events, not enough to assign tasks, you must do so taking into account that the taste of the players is mixed. When we think of the game that we do, we always try to leave enough "breathing room" to players so they can make decisions and you take on the role they choose or are assigned.

BLACK HAWK DOWN on this will remain so.

How many seats are available?

Open enrollment a week ago ... still remain.

Because players can not be filed if it is not a team?

Working with groups allows us to have a spokesman who to contact. This improves communication inside and outside the game.

It is easier to meet with 20 heads of that group with 200 players.

Another advantage is making it feasible to ask for references on a group, versus having to do individual members.

The selection of personnel is one of the added values of ODYSA PRO.

I guess because you want references of the equipment, but could you explain the reasons?

Any organization can work for months, and a few players can ruin a great piece of work.

As we prefer to minimize risk, ask references. We do so in defense of our work and the interest of the other players.

The places that you have set aside for new equipment, how many?

It is a variable quota. Perhaps 15% -20%. We usually fill them with other related equipment to our game.

"These new teams need references?

Always, even yours. lol

Seriously, we know that this issue stings some. So take the opportunity to make a point.

Some believe, "" But I do not know anyone in common ... "

In our games are players all over the Spanish territory, and one outside. It's hard not to have some knowledge in some part.

Another good source of references, in addition to the groups, are other events organizers, with Germanicus Sexmachine ...

Can you tell us how environments heading? They told me that you used in vans.

The players sat in the back, on the radio sounded like the blades of a helicopter engine. For once inside give the feeling of being in a helicopter.

This is a world, and reports directly to the budget of each project. To date, have spoken a Lada Niva sawing, painting, and amended for the occasion, cargo vans, Land Rovers of the military, a military truck Pegasus 20 seats, although the latter was broken before starting up a helicopter for delivery and removal of VIP. That yes, we started with Pepe Car vans, sealed with red interior, and sound of helicopter blades at very high volume. It was a sensation at that time. Now we tend to reconvert into Head Quarters phones, to give momentum.

Is it true that you think, till the last detail? Could you give us an example?

There are many intangibles that are not detectable if the time comes. For example, accident insurance. It is not mandatory and it cost us 5 times more than civil liability.

In the last game a member of SG-Team in Valencia, he lost a tooth. Our insurance paid all medical expenses for the settlement of the piece.

The funny thing, if you can call it that, is that my insurance agent was always telling me:

"" They were, if not necessary, you are already covered with liability insurance. (CLC)
"Look, Josep, if we want to be number one, we can not neglect this aspect of security."

Another detail is the pass, days before production all of our participants are mailed a document to pass. It produces a letter explaining that the carrier is directed at our event, and is accompanied by the authorization of the police, and policy numbers of insurance. Effect is that during transit, any participant can prove to the authorities that his car has so many toys.

How many people are PRO ODYSA team?

Do not move from 10 to 15 members, depending on the project.

How many arbitrators will be in Black Hawk Down?

"Referees? Well, I think that this term is somewhat archaic ... We believe arbitrators.

Organizers assist if required, largely because the most common questions, removing the sword ... etc.

"Immortal? Of course we have been casting some, but far less than elsewhere and as almost all Group Leaders are good acquaintances or friends, we ended quickly with the issue. We have many eyes on the field.

Will there be infiltrated referees as players?

All attendees Group Leaders have my full confidence. We meet before and after the game.

What constitutes training for all members of the production team before the event?

Here I will be more reserved:

To my organizers always say this:

"-The work must be done before, do not expect to be in the middle of a field of 200 players around you and take power in real time, the right decisions."

We worked hard on those who should and should not happen, and what to do if the latter occurs.

Because it is forbidden to use injured players or eliminated as a cover?

It does not seem right.

What constitutes the evening party?

In our games is a curious phenomenon occurs. The 50%, with a bed waiting for them after dinner warm, they decide to leave the room. Others opt for a drink at a bar, with little music, and discuss the experience. Others choose to see a movie. We have a cinema. Uuuuh!

Do you play at night?

We have availability of land and facilities from Saturday at 00:00 am until Sunday at 24:00 pm

The field can be used, if the players remain in force, but the organization rests. For us the production has begun riding camp on Thursday.

You have liability insurance and accident insurance, roughly in that benefits us attendees to your productions?

The liability insurance is mandatory and covers all or part, if a participant harms someone outside the game, a third go.

Accident insurance is compulsory and covers a participant if you break a tooth to another participant.

What constitutes registration and circuit training?

At enrollment we list the participants and monitor their responses, and curbs with the color of his party.

In the statement sets out guidelines to be developed on the game and resolve last-minute doubts.

What type of vehicles usareis? Will there be helicopter?

We work well in advance, but there are details that depend, ultimately, the number of participants, and therefore the budget. A helicopter is always a luxury, great for little ones and playable for others.

In any case you can be sure that what we're going to make sure that it will play.

What parts of the countryside have improved?

Oysters may appear to take this opportunity, but what I say is true. Snipers For the entire field. The new forestry law requires the maintenance of clean and cleared the field and has been eliminated in many areas, brush it difficult long shots. This weekend I visited the field with one of my managers commented the field.

Well changing the subject, what was the worst experience or moment that had as related to our hobby?

PRO ODYSA is my third production. When things grow and / or evolve each partner has a different idea of how the project should be. The moments of rupture are terrible.

What do you think of the mil-sim?

I think airsoft is a game "mil-sim" and that groups choose the degree of simulation. I do not think too purist, our rules are born of milsim consulting many groups with a degree of mil-sim much higher than ours, we ASJA, AIRSOFT GIRONA, SHAC, UOE, PHGP, Defcon1 ...

What do you think the legality of which is airsoft?

There is a clear lack legal. But it is not insurmountable.

The worst thing is the relocation of the aftershocks and is not required to be an adult or a card drawn fourth category of weapons to acquire them in some stores.

This exposes us to give a bad image by the people who buy a Pajilleros for € 15.

From the Catalan Federation have worked for years, along with many other groups, to improve this situation.

Do you think some day you can end the scourge of the immortals?

A few years ago there were few fields were public or "open" and you were in front of anyone.

In recent years the number of players has grown exponentially and that shit it produces more and more groups that choose to hire and manage their own field. From the moment that there is a responsible group that chooses who is welcome and who is not, is just the unwanted problems. We have seen and praised this practice with friends groups, who did not want to mention without their consent.

Want to apologize to someone or give thanks?

Excuse me? Jajaja constantly ... I apologize to everyone ... Those who work with me, you know, as I continually ask, simpre took everything to the limit.

Thanks? First to my parents for the obvious, then all around me.

What would you like to ask you?

That way it went BLACK HAWK DOWN.

Could you respond?

When I do the interview siguinete you can answer. XD

Any interesting anecdote to tell you, as an organizer or as a player?

You know that dream where you appear naked before a crowd?

Well, I sleep with 200 participants who have nothing even mounted. It's terrible!

What has been the worst experience or moment that had as related to our hobby?

My first broken gear ... no, just kidding. I could not answer.

Do you plan something for summer in July or August?

Reuir ground heat, working even more.

How many productions do you think?

Never think in numbers, but quality. Could he spend two years there if the result was worth it.

Items are organizing a day?

It is not a priority now, at least what we used to allocate resources.

Perhaps in the current economic situation, players prefer games well mounted, with less spectacular, and, of course, cheaper.

This is but one question is a desire by many snipers in airsoft, so when something designed exclusively for this role? We'd love to Odysa event surprised us with a sniper.

Something unique for snipers? For good Snipers?

Sure, when I mentioned it to Mario and Alex, will be rubbing their hands.

Then we concluded the interview, thank you very much Naipes.

To you Vasily.

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