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AIRSOFT SNIPER ON THE PLAYER AND THE NOVEL: two concepts that do not mix.


The purpose of this article is none other but to explain the pros and cons of the sniper and the role of new players, simply, is an informative article on how, based on personal experience and many others, whether fellow equipment, as learned from forums and internet portals.

I do not pretend to have the absolute truth, but I find it gratifying to reflect my views and my experience.

I'm not saying anything new, nor will I find anything, perhaps more experienced players shall see it a bit dull and meaningless, but I tried to get into the skin of the less experienced player.

Of course, any comments, suggestions and / or correction will be warmly welcomed.

Chapter I: I want to be sniper.

We've all played video games or shooter type of warfare, and we used the most lethal weapon: the sniper rifle. When you find the airsoft, the first thing that comes to mind is "Wow, I have the most powerful rifle headshots for two hundred meters ..." Obviously, this impression of airsoft sniper is completely wrong.

We clarify some differences between the sniper and the sniper in the game of airsoft:

- In video games in general, the concealment and movement are not a priority, it does not matter that the enemies you see and even shoot you, because if you reach, you still remain part of the bar of life to get to get covered.

- Obviously, the airsoft, the part of the concealment and movement is essential, because if the enemy sees you and gets with one ball over the line, so it is essential to move without being discovered, which with all the equipment that we carry, it is very difficult, which leads us to the next point.

- In video games there is no physical fatigue, and if anything, you can always wait for parapetarte and fatigue bar recharges.

- In airsoft, but you're tired and parapets, if the "enemy" you have seen, parapets and see you, they will most likely ask for reinforcements and move towards you, drastically reducing distances and acorralarte mind.

- In video games, the distance is not important, it does not matter if you shoot the enemy to 5, 10, 20 or 200 meters.

- In airsoft, the distances are critical, with the minimum distance of shooting 20 or 30 meters depending on the rules of each club and the powers that be established under these distances, it is forbidden to use a replica sniper.

- In the game, shooting more spectacular is the "headshot" or shot to the head.

- In airsoft, although it is sometimes inevitable, is a practice frowned upon by most players because we have to put the safety of participants in the spectacle of the game, as a shot at the powers that plays a sniper, can be harmful, especially if have not been observed distances described in the previous paragraph.

These are the main differences regarding the sniper game airsoft sniper, surely, are dozens of them, and hundreds of snipers real, but we move in the game / hobby / sport.

Chapter II: What do you want to be?

Once you've decided to become a sniper without having played a minimum of time, even without having a single item or disputed, and do it public, the rest of the community airsoftera will tell you this:

- It is a very ungrateful role.
- It is very dangerous to give so much power to someone so inexperienced.
- You'll leave a lot of money.
- You have no experience and end up leaving.
And a multitude of answers to take away the idea of the head. Why? From experience, it is very worth to be considered in this hobby / sport. Now, look at these answers one by one.

- It is a very ungrateful role:

In a normal game, a sniper will be at most 10 shots, will travel far field (remember that one must go very slowly, silhouette cutting, avoiding being seen, creep and body ground with the whole team over, and usually go solo) and good luck, make 1 or 2 low.

In a game where the weather (especially wind) is minimal adverse mind, a sniper shot will do as much 5 will travel far field (recall the previous section) and lots of luck, will down 1.

For this and many other aspects which we will discuss the role that is a very ungrateful, on countless occasions, spending hours and hours and nobody has crossed the looks of your grid, which leads to a terrible frustration.

- It is very dangerous to give someone as inexperienced as much power:

Is what we will hear more when you decide to take the plunge. In airsoft, accidents are the order of the day, shooting at short distances, at sensitive sites ... If this happens to more seasoned players and experts, what you can not pass to you that you just start?

The airsoft sniper, you have to be clear about the distance, either with or electronic measuring devices for the experience, as well of course, have the nerves if someone comes from nowhere and did not pull the trigger, which only be achieved with practice and experience.

- You'll leave a lot of money.

Perhaps the most questionable of your den, but no less valid. The reality is that airsoft is a hobby / sport dearly. Peeeeeeero, if you want to be a good sniper, disbursement can be from 600 to 1000 € in the replica sniper and enhancements. This is just to get a good reply, the whole team apart, that is not little.

- You have no experience and end up leaving:

As a general rule and not an exact science, 99% of new players who start as sniper not last long, leaving behind an economic outlay and much time spent on something that has given them by the above frustrations commented.

Everyone thinks that belong to the remaining 1%, but it is not.
Being an airsoft sniper is to give full-time role to play, spend a lot of money and time in the mirror in the team, investigate and try things that unfortunately are not yet tested ... (There will never be two replicas equal to those making the improvements, they behave the same). Few who start and continue with this role.

Chapter III: Anyway, I try.

Okay, by your decision olé ... Most important of all for either a sniper or any other type of player are the glasses, they must comply with the European Union EPI-89/686/CEE (EN166) or American Standard ANSI Z87.1.

The following is a replica sniper, there are many brands and models on the market, and I will not enter into debates about which is better or worse, but if someone asks me about gas or AEG dock, pier respond without hesitation.

Improvements and / or upgrades to the reply, I will not advise you, because depending on the chosen replica will have plenty of items, brands and models for her.

A good lens is essential as well (what we used to make white 80-90 meters if we do not see the target?). I reiterate what I said earlier on makes and models, yes, I strongly recommend a 3ó4 increases 9ó10 x 50 x 40o and above all, a grid-MIL-DOT.

The bípode is not essential, although there are regulations that require it for the sniper role, personally, I find it a very useful tool.

The famous sniper ghillie suit or is not required but highly recommended. The best option is fabricártelo environment for yourself where you'll use. On the Internet there are plenty of tutorials on how to make one.

The same happens with knee, elbow and gloves are not mandatory, but your body will appreciate the extra protection when you creep.

The secondary mirror is highly recommended, would say that is more obligatory, in order to defend yourself if he / the enemy / s "within the safety limit. This secondary mirror must be small, compact, robust and below 350 fps.

A radio is also highly recommended, as you can tell your companions you see anything and everything that you're on the road (for example, bases contrary positions "enemy", the rival progress ...)

The rest of the kit will depend on the type of game, of course, is not the same thing to spend the morning for a MILSIM for 24 hours.

Of course, knowledge of the terrain and the opponent is key to a good sniper work, but this would be dealt with in another article.

I think this is all for now, certainly, I let a lot of things on the keyboard, but according comentéis iran be clarified doubts.

Just to remind new players, this is a guide to try to draw the head the idea to start playing as a sniper, being as objective as I could be. And to remind the older players, the need for this complicated type of information, I know that I have not discovered anything new, and that many of you knew any more about this subject, so I ask you some help and understanding for those who are beginning.


The Pegasus Unit Airsoft Association, for being there, hold on (thank chair), and let me play the role that I like, but not yet been achieved.

A Cerberus, to emphasize and remind me every day how hard it is to this role, forcing me to investigate and try to improve constantly.

The great guru Hari sniper without his patience and wisdom, I would have been possible to open up the can of high-end.

Andalusia user Damokles AB, which has inspired me to collect all the information that I have to write this article.

Andalusia collective Snipers who take things seriously (I do not give any names that I would not remember), mind you guys, we are already over.

Andalusia airsoftero group in general, that without you, this does not make sense.

You, reader, hit by this billet.

Thank you.


The article is Piercing58.

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Like to thank Piercing58, for letting me hang up my blog in his article.

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