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The main mission of a sniper is to see without being seen to be removed and disposed of without.

Occupy a position and select

Attempts to teach new players to understand they have a replica that is where Christ lost his horn and lighter do not Gilli comes with a good sniper in airsoft, this is not a video game here against the brain also has a filling in the neck.

I start with how to pick a position and how to behave in it.

Having chosen an area of operations, or that you have assigned one, choose the point from which to act, how to take any position you think is obviously good rioja andalusia not appear, so will refrain from such positions, and every site that might otherwise see as the best position is what allows the greatest amount of visual field and throw without being seen. A few more directions allowing better look.
I covered this as much as possible to the visual observation of the opposite.

Due to the nature of airsoft in most cases is not available and it is time to take a position of circumstances, applying the techniques of camouflage may be a position in any field, this team the best use of ara camouflage techniques to melt into the ground you are.

Open items that need to take position in unwanted places such as clearing open spaces, places not appropriate for them to get open as much of the land, building trenches, ditches Regueros holes in the ground, so small shrubs., Always try to use the shadows as much as possible, while establishing a point of observation in these circumstances is also attempting to establish the directions from where you may be watching or being caught on the contrary, so please take the utmost precaution, we will apply the typical mimetic networks and coverages that we have at our disposal

There is no limit to the imagination of the team for when choosing or setting up an observation post, sometimes in the open because we will have to pull from the most bizarre and complex, as uncomfortable, if you can do everything without being seen ok.

Having selected a good site of observation is well covered is not synonymous with safety, should always be alert to and not to betray self.

ABCs at a minimum because the movement is revealed to us, and night games have special care with the noise because it is easier to hear any sound more distant day would pass unnoticed, curious note that some teams are being bought at night viewers if encounter one of these monstrosities of airsoft will have to be very careful when moving it detect movement better than it appears.

It takes care to contrast the background of where we are, which is not a place likely to be recognized by the other, or may be monitored for possible nature that encourages thinking in contrast to that area may go by someone, that is an area with minimal potential for use on the contrary, the position should be in the range of actual extent of replication and provide a clean draft free of potential obstacles, if we consider security necerasio or choose more than one observation point exchange position if necessary.

Always assume that the position of observation and is being shot by contrast, can not believe that this is a recording error, and a luxury that can not afford the player with the role of sniper and know how it ends when a caught him with the pole PVC intimate, so if you enter the observation post, or have to leave the maximum precautions were taken and exploiting everything that allows us to cover the view contrary to both camouflage as natural elements, shadows, bushes, fallen branches, logs, etc.., careful not to expose parts of the skin without using camouflage the most suitable material, the veil should cover the entire face and as we should cover in the position till the All the sights and telescopic slide and andalusia acerrojar be covering the movement of this action.


Make any noise

Avoid any unnecessary movement unless we are confident that we can not be seen

Avoid watching objects over or covered area not less contrasting background

Avoid the use of binoculars, monoculars own or in areas likely to create some light can be reflected

Avoid moving the leaves or branches of the position of observation

Carried out:

Look after a tree at the height of the soil

Partly in CQB if you look at a building from the shadows, nothing close to the windows (very common mistake in airsoft)

If the job requires observing and out take into consideration more than one route of entry and go out as a single route ends up tipping the wear we put on the ground, becoming easy prey for another sniper, if possible choose routes covered or hidden in a natural way

Where possible, choose a point of observation with natural barriers between it and the point to note, as rivers, ditches, anything to stop him or the other to lose time

Finally the replicas, we are always on the move ready to take the shot but the safety catch on, any hook on the trigger and AREM noise goodbye to so much effort.

Once in the position selected strictly follow the standards of noise, we will collect information that might be useful to our team, and organizing the team so that we have on hand so we may be required between the two partners set a shift of surveillance while waiting to be much better able to wait.

To keep noise to a minimum of discipline is possible to use the hand signals, each team can develop your own best understanding, the following are just one example.

Pointing the finger at yourself, I, yours

Pointing the finger at fellow: You, you

Thumbs up as the Romans: Yes, yes, or forward

Thumbs down as well as the Roman circus: No, no, no go, or abort

Pointing with two fingers in the eyes: Look, look

Hand around the ear with the palm forward: Listen, listen carefully

Hand over your eyes: I see

Hands together: staying together

Signal with his hand stretched out as if we Cortasa throat: Delete, shoot

This would point out that all the items I usually use it incorrectly,
Clenched fist: Stop at the frozen, is used when moving the head that is seen or heard anything is possible and contact the contrary,
To be taken in normal use
The hand with the palm forward lifting the arm as a greeting.

From here on what each partner creates more convenient to understand.

This article is glimerman.
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A small clarification on the move when he says that we loaded our replicas are referred to as secondary aegs charged if you bring your replica spring can damage the spring and a greeting till the next entry.


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