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Cutting the L96 - Well

Since it is starting to almost everyone, there is this cut, do not bother me in preview because everybody knows its characteristics. But for those starting out, is good to know what we find inside. this is the link to the page of my group: # msg6407

Here is the article:

0. Tools: Allen Keys 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 5, key metric flat 12, flat and thin phillips half tongs, wiping grease lithium.

1. Dismantle look telescopic bípode and all that extra carry the rifle. We took the charger, cocking and shooting on a cloth to check that the chamber is empty and the pier destensado.

2.With a rifle at the desk and the gun aimed at our right, we proceed to its opening. To do this, and with the allen wrench remove the two screws 5 of the corner.

3. Once outside, we can remove the washers, the wad of gum, the ballast, the supplement and caught the strap of transport.

4. With the same key extract the screws from the rail.

5. We will now proceed to the opening of the plastic body. With the allen wrench 2.5 extract ten screws, six long and four interns who are short on each side are two

6. With the help of flat to gently lever we separate the two halves of the body, trying to open on all sides simultaneously.

7. Once opened, we can observe from the corner and caught the carrillera on the one hand and the tripod and the carrying strap on the other.

8. With a phillips screwdriver remove the fucking charger, which is fixed to the barrel, this step is not necessary to remove the lock barrel, but I prefer to do it to the top for easy handling.

9. We removed the other half of the body and we are left with the combination of the canyon and the drawer mechanisms. With the release of 5 allen wrench the metal frame, leaving the box to trigger the light. Eye washers.

10. Again with Phillips, this time drawing the two screws holding the trigger to lock box. Eye andalusia mount, do not squeeze hard, and the risk of breaking the subject of the trigger.

11. Same tool, remove the two screws on the lever secure as you can see, mine is broken. Attention to lift, beneath a semi-sphere and a small pier that are responsible for maintaining the lever in the position you put it.

12. We remain open, the following is to remove the three screws that close the trigger box, no eye lost any of the nuts on the back.

13. The interior is a set of levers and springs to handle and easy to replace.

14. When closing must take special care of springs that push the pawl to retain the piston within its proper accommodation.

15. We will now proceed to separate lock and barrel, first of all we have to draw a small allen screws without head to your accommodation at the base of the slide. Then we can rotate the cannon an infinite number of times until it comes out.

16. By the end of the Bocachica unscrew the cap.

17. With the help of a long allen, another gun or whatever, gently push the barrel into the internal hop-up. Control is not within any space. As can be seen cutting the barrel because I have a Madbull 6.04 and seven spacers, L96 scrapped memory of a colleague.

18. We turn to drop the camera from the hop-up for them and loosen the brass nut that closes the set. This nut is metric 12. Check the rubber gasket.

19. With all of the 2.5 remove the adjusting screw of the hop-up and the rim of the spring.

20. Andalusia carefully removed so as not to miss the nub, the piece of rubber that sits between the lever and hop rubber. During this review I lost mine so I speak with knowledge of the canyon causa.Tiramos gently and leave us in order and as shown in the cutting, a plastic spacer (mine is broken in half but still serving his mission), the hop and a rubber washer bronze work that makes this seat the barrel, and help to introduce the ball due to its countersinking.

21. The last phase is the complete cutting of the lock. For this act the lever and thereby separated from the body outside the cylinder.

22. The set lever open the cylinder with the help of a flat part of the lever with two keys and all of 2 and 2.5 for the nozzle: the ideal would be to have a key pins properly, but almost nobody with it, this is the case. Attention is just a little loose and the rest were released by hand with care in any way damage the nozzle.

23. Then, the cutting of the whole, in order, head bolt, lever, rod, piston, spring guide, spring, piston and nozzle.

24. This is the total cutting of the rifle, except for the RIS, which I thought was important not release the trigger, I wanted to release it, and the nub, which was just released.

Taking advantage of everything that is already open, it's a good idea to thoroughly clean all parts with a clean cloth and re-grease them, but not too much: the pieces glow in the fat and they are not immersed in it.

The assembly process is no particular difficulty, it is just to replace parts in reverse order. Only the trigger ratchet springs are a bit of getting screwed in the building, but with the clamps is simplified considerably.

I hope you will serve for something.

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