miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009


Well here I have it is time to open the blog, I hope to write regular mind and collect all the interesting information for the role of sniper airsoft. Also write my own articles and reviews of replicas running at the moment I am having a bar-10 Jing Gong and MP7-R-4 Well. For those who do not know what airsoft is. I leave this definition taken from Wikipedia. The airsoft sport is a hobby-based military simulation. This is a war game similar to paintball. Emerged in Japan in the eighties, it soon spread to the United States. Now flourishes in many countries around the world. The term comes from the airsoft English would translate as "air soft". This refers to the manner in which the ammunition is fired. This recreational sport is based on the simulation of combat using replicas of actual weapons (which fire small plastic balls 6 or 8 mm) in game scenarios similar to those of a real war, with radio equipment, night sights , flashlights adapted laser pointers, balls and clothing military plotters. Although there is no specific dress, prefers to equip each team evenly for greater realism. The balls are used exit velocity of approximately 90 m / s (in a generic replica unchanged). The weight of the same (between 0.2 and 0.8 g) means that its scope does not go beyond the 20-80 m. There is a type of player, the sniper or snipers, which allows more power and range (90 meters or more in some cases), given the role it assumes. Greetings till the next entry.

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